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Ella Kaye


December 3, 2022


The original challenge

My data

Part 1

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input <- aoc_input_vector(3, 2022)
[1] "hDsDDttbhsmshNNWMNWGbTNqZq"                      
[2] "VQfjnlFvnQFRdZWdVtqMGdWW"                        
[3] "zvvvRnFFfjjlRBlBPzgQgRvvmtrmhHcptLHCDhcHHmLsBmsB"
[4] "FrzFvvdTDcTnmTzdDTTzdvWmjhgVPrhSljSQSPwPjPjPjSVC"
[5] "sMsGbqGsbbRqRbBMBGRMbLpNSSpjhlQljHVClhjgPjjPhlVp"
[6] "sNbGtJbMfssNtvcnWFVmnvDd"                        

Similar to yesterday’s strategy, we define a function to find the priority for the item in both compartments for one rucksack, then apply it to all rucksacks and find the sum. The new-to-me function today is nchar(), to find the number of characters in a string, which we can use with head() and tail() to split the string in half. I also learnt about match(), which returns the position of the first match of the first argument in the second argument.

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priority <- function(rucksack) {
  n <- nchar(rucksack)
  items <- unlist(strsplit(rucksack, ""))
  item <- intersect(head(items, n/2), tail(items, n/2))
  match(item, c(letters, LETTERS))

sapply(input, priority) |> sum()
[1] 7821

Part 2

Another opportunity here to use split(), which I learnt about on Day 1, this time to split the input list into groups of three.

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groups <- split(input, rep(1:(length(input)/3), each = 3))

I then define a function to find the priority for the item shared by all three members of one group. strsplit() splits the group into a vector or individual items. intersect() only works on two vectors, so I use Reduce() to apply it to all three.

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priority_shared_item <- function(group) {
  group_items <- strsplit(group, "") 
  common_item <- Reduce(intersect, group_items) 
  match(common_item, c(letters, LETTERS))

sapply(groups, priority_shared_item) |> sum()
[1] 2752

Session info

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