Advent of Code

Ella Kaye’s solutions and notes.

Advent of Code is a series of increasingly difficult programming challenges, released daily each year throughout December in the run-up to Christmas.

This website is created from the EllaKaye/advent-of-code repository. I use it to keep a record of my solutions and make notes about what I learn along the way. It is built with Quarto and supported by my aochelpers package. aochelpers provides functions to create the posts and listings pages, to download and read in the puzzle inputs, and, in time, I plan to add other functions that are useful for solving the puzzles and interacting with the Advent of Code website.

If you would like a similar site to this, you can use the template at EllaKaye/advent-of-code-website-template. Websites from this template work hand-in-hand with aochelpers.

The idea for this site came from seeing Emil Hvitfeldt’s version and aochelpers adapts and builds upon code from David Robinson’s adventdrob package.

The styling is based on my personal site.